Friday, July 16, 2010

Dogs for sale in umited kindom?

These are dog rescue pages - that show centres all over the UK:

I'm sure that you could rescue a lovely dog from there.

Otherwise, there are sometimes dogs for sale on these websites - though it is generally mostly puppies:鈥?/a>

If you want to find out more about owning a dog %26amp; where to get one, then the UK Kennel Club pages are a good source of information (they even have a puppy register):鈥?/a>Dogs for sale in umited kindom?
yes, you can buy dogs in the uk!Dogs for sale in umited kindom?
Check your local ad papers
Only buy from a rescue home or an established breeder. Never buy from a puppy farm that just breed dogs for profit. RESEARCH before you buy a dog. Dog is for life not just for Christmas. They can be hard work and need training.
Where is umited kindom.
Why not try your local dogs home - Battersea or RSPCA rehoming centres for a start. xxxx
what sort of dog are you looking for please? call me 07920090916
IN the UK you should only buy from rescue centres.

i just found that site, looks pretty good!
cool buy one!!
try the loot you find loads of them in there or as suggested try you local dogs home and give a dog another chance in life....Good luck
Battesea dogs home or RSPCA. Don't buy a puppy.

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