Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whats the best way to find a dog for sale?

i want a cheap but good dog whats the best way to find one?Whats the best way to find a dog for sale?
go to your local animal shelter and ADOPT. There are small fees usually involved with licensing and such, but it is so worth it to save an animal from being euthanized. You can aso go to and they will have listings of people possibly giving dogs away for free because they are moving or they cant keep the dog anymore. The site also lists local shelters and rescues that have animals for adoption.

PLEASE adopt, dont give into puppy mills and such.Whats the best way to find a dog for sale?
Go to your shelter. The adoption price includes everything you will have to pay for with a dog you get elsewhere, but at a far lower price.

So, check your local animal shelters. If you don't find your heart dog there, keep looking or check:


look in a local store or something that has a bullitin bored in it.

u know, the kind that has babysitting flyers on it?

well, chances are that there is probually a familly in your town that wants to get rid of dogs.


you can go to a humain place.

they only cost around 100 dollars and already have there shots and are nutered if you want then to be.
No dog is cheap because of vet bills but try rescuing one at they are usually healthier then on you find on random. They are spayed/netuered/utd on shots/dewormed/etc.
Go to your local humane society too find a dof that you like. Another thing you can do is to find a a rescue society for the breed of dog that you would really like to have.

there are thousands of dogs that need homes there.

just use the search on the left side to help you locate a dog in your area.

good luck to you.
go to and find your city. they have a pets section to the left and there are plenty of dogs there that need homes. they have some great ones on there!!!!
Call stores google search or even call around for breeders. or put up a flyer saying looking for a dog breeder please call me

Just ideas.
Local dog shelter or



Just remember that it can get costly.
Go to your local shelter.

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