Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where can I post a dog for sale at no cost?

Never, never offer your pet as ';Free to a good home'; There are all kinds of weirdos, abusers, hoarders, research groups, and would-be serial killers just lookin' for this dandy opportunity to self-gratify. Many little companion animals wind up destitute on the streets, tortured and overcome by grief for having been given up by the only home its ever known. 90% die within months of separation from their former humans.

When you get a pet you have made a lifetime commitment to a sentient being who has feelings and every right to live a life of being loved and well-cared for.

Do Not surrender it to a shelter or pound. If you're so inclined to give up your pet. please consult with a rescue organization. See BelowWhere can I post a dog for sale at no cost?
craigslist is an awesome place to post for free.Where can I post a dog for sale at no cost?
Well, I live in northville, and get the detroit newspaper ( Detroit Free Press) and there are ads for dogs and cats, and sometimes other animals, so you coul just post an ad in there, or if you live in some other state, put it in a common newspaper! One of my friends got a puppy by looking in there!
in your local news paper
The street corner. then go to your specific city. This is a free online classified site.
if you have a penny power put it in there if not put it in the news paper or post it on a sign
At the local vet, pet store, or adoption center there is usually a bulletin board

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