Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does anyone have a purebred dog for sale?


-1 year old or younger

-Any breed

-Must like cats

-Must like children

-Must like other dogs

-Optional* Small dog, I would like a small one

-$150 or underDoes anyone have a purebred dog for sale?
Try your local newspaper, library on explorer. ask a family member or friend ...advertise ';looking for'; in your local want adds in your newspaper near you . or spca ,,';spca'; is (society protection against cruelty to animals ) you may find what your looking for at your animal shelter ty Have nice day and i hope you get what you seek for :)~Does anyone have a purebred dog for sale?
HA HA HA HA HA...etc. ,don't want much for NOTHING,do you???
Check with your local Humane society, and newspaper for Un-registered pets. Unless you're planning on breeding, you don't need their papers. You can also check with rescue organizations.
i will in September. German Shephards um but not no 150.00 probably around 1500.00 + mine was 6000.00.
Well if your looking for a purebred you are not going to get it for 150 or less! but i have two male cocker spaniels for sale for 250 that meet all your requirements!
To have a dog with good health and temperment, you are far better off with a shelter dog than buying from anyone who would sell you a purebred dog for less than $150. Poorly bred purebred dogs have the highest risk for serious health problems and for temperment problems.

Even the breed *rescue* organizations in my area charge $200 for dogs.

If you must have a purebred dog, I promise you that scrimping on the purchase price of the pup will bite you on the butt in the long run when you have to pay for crazy vet bills. Do your research upfront and you will save a world of grief in the long run.
i don't think your going to get a purebred for $150 or under. i think purebreds are more expensive, and i bought a mut, he's so cute, for $250, and was friends with the breeder so it would probably be more expensive.

They have categories and stuff.
Try your newpaper, I have a free purebred female pitbull that is 8 months old, good with kids and other dogs. But you say you want a small dog. I raise pitbulls, weimaraners, and labs, I sell them for $100. but again not small dogs.
I would encourage you to take more time and find out what characteristics you want in a dog. There are many differences in the breeds, and some are undesirable to some people. The AKC website offers a look at many different breeds, and can help you pick the dog that is best for you. Many people buy pure-bred dogs and find out that they were not prepared for the characteristics of that dog. Some are more active, some do better in small appartments, some are more child-friendly. Small or large should not be optional. Many large dogs need more exercise than small dogs (though some small breeds are active also) and may not be good with children. You really need to research breeds. The best thing about pure-bred dogs (and the main reason people pick them) is that you know what to expect from that particular breed. It is not something to jump into, but should be researched thoroughly. When you decide the breed for you, find a reputable breeder. Many pure-breds have health issues specific to that breed. A good breeder will stand behind the health of the pup you purchase, and help with advice on any training issues you have. Also, some breeds train easier than others. If you just want a good all-around family pet, I strongly encourage you to adopt a shelter dog. They usually are really healthy animals because they have a wide genetic makeup, and you can find some dogs with great personalities. Please do some research before you jump in! You and the dog will both be happier in the long run.

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