Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does anyone have a small dog for sale near warrenton mo?

i need a dog that will stay small and it has to be a puppy {parents said so}Does anyone have a small dog for sale near warrenton mo?
Go to and see if there are any cute puppies for adoption. Or go to your local shelter. It might be hard to find a small puppy because small dogs and puppies always get adopted quickly. So good luck!Does anyone have a small dog for sale near warrenton mo?
you are an idiot...
Call the Warrenton City Dog Pound. They have many dogs there, including puppies, I just saved a cocker spaniel there last week from being put down. If they don't have what you want, they are sure to have it soon. And, you will be saving a life!
just adopt from a shelter.
tons and tons and tons of them,,, go to the shelter, look in the newspaper go to AKC.ORG and click on breeder referral for breeders in your area..
Check your local shelters.
look up about mi kies they are small and they are adorable the other dogs mini boxers and cavalier king charles .... if you wish to have a mini boxer go to and鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Also try animal rescue and save a puppy !!!!

Since your parents want the dog to stay small you might try a toy breed (I recommend Maltese of course)

Do a yahoo search (enter your info) warrenton mo your zip code, the type of puppy you want, humane society, rescue- play with the search engine. Thats how I found both of my maltese puppies

I hope this information is helpful

Thank you for taking the time to read my answer
I have toy chihuahuas for sale. They are between 3lbs and 6lbs. I feed them all organic food. They are hand fed and hand raised NOT CAGED unless taking them to the vet in a crate for shots. They stay small, you can train them on papers or in a litter box. They need lots of love and attention. They want to please their human all the time. I ship only to loving homes! A deposit is required to hold the pup of your choice. You can email me with further questions. This breed is the smallest breed of all dogs, but with the biggest heart. A dog is the only animal on earth that will lov eyou more than he loves himself. Good Luck on your search for your forever friend:)
You're in the Puppy Mill Capital of the US, rescue one from the humane society.
How close is warrenton to Joplin?
Go to your local humane society, or shelter. I reccomend a toy poodle. They never grow more than about ten pounds, and they stay small... I have one, so I should know. They are great learners, and they have a bright mind. Keep in mind though, never hit a dog!
Not me. But there are plenty or shelters and SPCA's available probably (they have plenty of dogs that need a good home!) You may also try websites too! You'll never know what you may run into when you search the net! Good luck!
first off your parents have their reasons for what they want.. Maybe you can impress them with your knowledge and also go beyond and try to be helpful. Most of the common problems with dogs are--shedding-this is very irritating BUT there are non shedding breeds.Also how responsible are you??? I am a parent, I love animals but I also expect when someone says they will do something that they will follow through and DO IT.Maybe you can offer to make up a contract with your parents as to what you will do as far as feeding, walking, cleaning up after,bathing, playing with the dog you hope to get. Some of the non-shedding breeds are wonderful. you don't get irritated as easily by the extra care they require. Do your homework on this --impress your parents and all your lives could become more enriched by th wonderful little dog you acquire.. I have a Tibeten Spaniel She Is so smart and learns so quickly!! The only complaint I have is that she sheds so much.. Good Luck!!!!
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