Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dogs for sale or help me find a dog for sale?

hey i wanna know if someone knows where i can get a cheap puppy any kind please a website will be helpfull also i need to find a chap puppy in toronto onartio area if you dont have that just a website with cheap puppys ( also rottweilers are they good dogs to have as pets)Dogs for sale or help me find a dog for sale?

Your local animal shelter

Local rescues

Rottweilers are not a good breed for a novice dog owner.Dogs for sale or help me find a dog for sale?

petfinder is local shelters.

puppyfind is a list of dog breeders who have puppies.
There is no such thing as a cheap dog. Dogs need food, crates, doghouses, vet care for emergencies, vaccinations, nail clippings, bathing, grooming, etc. Some are cheaper than others, but they are expensive. If you can't allow at least a $1000. a year in dog relates expenses, I would suggest you think about a different type of pet--maybe fish or a reptile of some sort.
How many identical questions do you have to ask. Get a freaking newspaper for crying out loud.
you can go and save ones life at a shelter:

If it doesn't matter what type of breed you want, then I think you should do some research on different breeds and see which one will suit you the best!!

Good Luck

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