Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where can I find an efghan dog for sale?

I am looking for an efghan dog to buyWhere can I find an efghan dog for sale?
Seeing as how you had a problem spelling the correct dog breed I have to wonder if you know anything about this breed?

They are high maintenance because of their coat. They tend to be hard to train and they are big dogs. The cost is in the thousands for a good AFGHAN.

Go to the pound or ASPCA and adopt a dog in need of a good home.Where can I find an efghan dog for sale?
Check if they have one in your area %26amp; if they don't post an ad there. it is free
I think you might mean Afghan. There are many reputable breeders. Check the American Kennel Club online to find a breeder in your area.
Look in Pet Fancy magazine or Dog Breeders Digest...
I've done a lot of research before I got my puppy and finally decided to go with a friend's recommendation of getting my Bernese Mountain Dog at The site has puppies from reputable breeders across the country鈥攁nd you can do a search to find one in your region. Mine flew from California :) Check it out, it's free to browse.
I don't know why every one thinks that it would be so easy to find an Afghan puppy. In 2005 there were 153 litters of Afghans registered with the AKC for the whole year in the entire country in 2006 there were 168. That is only 3 litters per state per year assuming that each state might have had equal amounts of litters born which is unlikely. It means that with 300 million people in this country only 168 litters of Afghan Hound puppies were born. Bellow is a link to litter statistics and a link to the Afghan Club of America where you could see if anyone has anything available. I also stuck in another breeder.

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