Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where can i find a bernese mountain dog for sale?

i put alot of thought into which dog i want to get and my dad really has his heart set on getting 1 and i know all the heath things and how much excerise it needs and all that jazz. i want to know were i could find 1 in western pa, southwestern ny, or eastern oh and how much will it cost ive seen 750(but the nose was bad) to up to 2000 dollars any help would be goodWhere can i find a bernese mountain dog for sale?
go to is a site for rescue groups.......just enter your Zip code, and enter breed wanted, and be AMAZED at how many GREAT choices you have !!........i recently adopted a Great Pyrenees mix from them, and my dog Sylvester is awesome !!.......check it out......try a good deed.......adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog today !!!.......good luck to you, in your search for a Bernese Montain Dog as a new pet !!!!.......most adoptions run between $ 50 to $ 200 maximum, for a wonderfull dog, who will be very happy to be your new pet !!!Where can i find a bernese mountain dog for sale?
Google ';Bernese Mountain Dog parent club';. The club can provide you with a breeder referral list as well as other useful information about the breed.
The Bernese Mountains? Just kidding! I would look on and search under breeders. Many reputable breeders are listed on this site.

Good luck!
I am Co-Owner of Berner-L Group with over 2300 members Worldwide, my advice is to stay away from answering ads, this may be a Puppy Farm or Back Yard Breeder, and look for a responsible Breeder. Our Bernese do have some very serious Heath Problems and Certified Breeders are addressing these problems.

Read before you buy:

The Puppy Buyer's Guide -

The Breeder checklist -

Contact BMDCA Breed Stewards in your area for additional information -

Best of luck!

Jean Cheesman

Hereford, UK
Hello- I also have a 3 year old Bernese and I just found out today that our breeding was successful. In 2 weeks we will be having 4-5 pups. We are located in East Haven, CT and our web site is under construction at www. We can be e-mailed at if you are interested in one of our pups. Pricing is based upon sex and limited or full registration. $1000-1400. We actually purchased ours from a breeder in PA and had her shipped. Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon.
check the want ad's in the newspaper.

if you dont see that breed for sale, call a few breeders who are advertising, one of them can refer you.

dog breeders tend to know other breeders
DO NOT buy a BMD - or any other animal - from an ad in the newspaper OR through the internet.

You are just encouraging puppy mills and backyard breeders who are ONLY interested in making money and could care less about the breed. is an EXCELLENT suggestion!!

Informational sites ...

ONLY buy a BMD from a reputable AKC-registered breeder!!!!

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