Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does Anybody have Dog For sale?

Well our puppy just died.He got into a poisonous plant and it sadly killed him.)R.I.P Dingo) Anuways i am looking for a puppy, young please becouse we have other animals, that will grow to be a good size dog.If you have a puppy that you would like to get rid of or are selling for less then one houndred can you please reply.My 14 year old daughter is dying for a pup.Must live in Windsor ,Ontario.Does Anybody have Dog For sale?
try www.petfinder.comDoes Anybody have Dog For sale?
Try your local humane society and rip up the plant(hopefully you have already ripped it up) and check your yard for more
I'm sorry to hear about your puppy. All love to his/her soul. If you can, Don't buy a puppy, just adopt one. There are many beautiful pets waiting for loving people just like you. There should be puppies where you live. I know some people don't want to adopt older dogs but search and you will find. Paying for a puppy is just putting money on careless people's wallets.They only want your money and don't care about the animals. Good luck, and peace.
I feel for your loss, but if you want a dog for less than $100 then go to your shelter. Some shelters have a higher adoption fee, but there's some where the fee is less than $100.
please check at your local humane society as pups are euthanized daily at shelters....also...please if you prefer a breed etc. go to a rescue they can help you with a dog for your home...I recently adopted a cocker to Massachusetts and most rescues if its a approved home will fly him to you at cost.....

try a rescue or a shelter and save one!!!
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