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What are dew claws when talking about a dog for sale in paper?

Dew claws are the little thumb nails on a dog. They can be on the front or back feet. With some breeds they are removed when the dog is only a few days old. They don't really serve a purpose anymore, and they are more prone to getting caught on things and torn off than the other toenails.What are dew claws when talking about a dog for sale in paper?
The extra claws on the inside of a dogs leg. Usually breeders have them removed. Actually a good thing because they can get snagged on things and rip off the leg, needing vet attention anyway.What are dew claws when talking about a dog for sale in paper?
Dew claws are just claws on the back of their ankles. It's best to have them removed.

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it is the finger on the leg kinda like a thumb. Most breeders have this removed. Also don't even bother buying a puppy out of the paper. These are BYB puppies. A good breeder will never advertise in a paper.
It is the little hanging finger like thing on the dogs, my dogs dew claw was removed when i purchased him already.
well i call them the dogs thumbs

but people on here shout at me for calling them thumbs. its the claw just up from the rest on the side. if saying in paper it normally means has been removed as some dogs have problems with them catching things and they get in the way of working dogs
Dogs almost always have dewclaws on the inside of the front legs and occasionally on the hind legs. Unlike the front dewclaws, the rear dewclaws tend to have little bone or muscle structure in most breeds. There is some debate about whether the dewclaw helps dogs to gain traction when they run because, in some dogs, the dewclaw makes contact when they are running and the nail on the dewclaw often wears down in the same way that the toenails on their other toes do, from friction with running surfaces. However, in many dogs, the dewclaws never make contact with the ground; in this case, the dewclaw's nail never wears away, and it must be trimmed to keep it at a safe length.

It is notable that the dewclaws are not dead appendages. They can be used to lightly grip bones and other items that dogs hold with the paws.

This dog's dewclaw never makes contact with the ground and has grown.There is also some debate as to whether dewclaws should be surgically removed. The argument for removal states that dewclaws are a weak digit, barely attached to the leg, so that they can rip partway off or easily catch on something and break, which can be painful and prone to infection.
A dew claw is equivalent of the dog's thumb. The vet can remove dew claws two or three days after the puppies are born.

Many breeders choose to remove dewclaws on puppies in the first week of life, because soon after birth the dewclaws are more like fingernails than appendages. At that young age, dew claws can be removed relatively easily and no stitches are required.

When you see a dog for sale in the papers it always say dewclaws removed..Why I never know. Anyone who clips nails always look for dew claws.

I also want to add that it is ok to go look at a puppy that you see in the papers. As long as you know what you are looking for and know what to ask , it is very ok. I advertise mine in the papers I don't see anything wrong with it even though I do have a waiting list for my puppies.
These are the little thumb toenails that originate a little bit higher on the inside part of the leg. Often these nails are removed when the dog is a puppy. If they lack underlying bone structure and are loose, they can become caught in the carpet and tear. Because dewclaws do not touch the ground, they do not wear down. It is common for these nails to grow around in a circle and dig back into the dog鈥檚 skin. This causes a painful inflammation.

Oh yeah, you shouldn't buy a dog out of the newspaper.. You should rescue a dog from the shelter.. Reputible breeders do not need to and don't advertise in the newspaper..
Dew claws are the ';thumb'; area... it is an extra toe in the thumb area... it is a useless toe, they don't use or need it!

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